Tuesday, September 7, 2010

TIL THE END -- 2010

I am so excited to announce the release of my newest worship record titled, Til The End. God has done some incredible things thru Element Church and several of those moments have been captured thru these songs. The CD will release on Itunes Tuesday, October 5th. We will be having a CD release party on Wednesday September 29th. This will be a night of worship and story telling with the songs birthed here at element. This is your chance to pick up the cd for a discounted price.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

They Need Your Seat

Must read from Pastor Jeff:

Yes, that’s right. It is time once again to ask people to SWITCH SERVICES! I don’t usually post on the blog our attendance #’s for our Sunday worship experiences, but in this case, if you are an Elementer you need to understand what we are facing. PLEASE Element Church, pass the word and do what you can to help us continue to reach more people for Jesus by considering coming to first service. Your seat, could literally be someone elses chance to have their life changed for ETERNITY. Check it out!

This past Sunday we had 913 people in church. First off, THAT IS STINKIN’ CRAZY and PRAISE GOD! Second, we are running out of room…EXCEPT in first service. In our worship center Sunday, we had 174 people first service, 256 second service and 249 third service. We have some more chairs we can put out but we are bumping the 80% full mark (the standard “too full” benchmark for churches) nearly every week. We will never fill every chair, human nature and comfort-ability factors limit that, and the front row just never fills up. Then when you throw in our kids space issue it gets even worse. We had 219 kids on Sunday. 53, 76 and 90 in our three worship experiences. The nursery area alone second service is starting to overflow. First of all, we are starting a short term, physical solution to our e:kidz space issues as we a staff as we speak, but second, it is going to be a comfort issue for a lot of new people coming to our church if we DON’T solve this problem short term, right now. (Part of our September 19th and 26th services here at Element will be unveiling the LONG TERM solution to our space issues. Don’t miss it!)

Bill Hybels says “Empty seats at optimal inviting hours = growth every time!” Our optimal inviting hour is 10 am. It is by far, and most regularly, the highest attended worship experience, AND I GET THAT! 10 AM would be the service I would want to attend if I weren’t the pastor. However, if you are a Christian and you call Element home I want to challenge you to view it a different way. If I told you today “This coming Sunday, there is a family who won’t hear about Jesus unless you come to first service.” You’d most likely come to first service without even batting an eye. But what if I said “There is POTENTIALLY a family, EVERY WEEK, who won’t hear about Jesus unless you come to first service.” What would your response be?

You might think I’m over dramatic or making too much of a big deal about it, but I take VERY seriously the ONE OPPORTUNITY we get each Sunday to potentially offer the Life of Christ to someone that can change their life for ETERNITY. This coming Sunday is our ONE chance to reach that family for Jesus that MIGHT never attend again if we don’t have room. For me, it’s not a big deal, it’s the ONLY deal!

I know not everyone CAN or will decide to move to first service, however, would you consider doing this VERY small thing in an effort to sacrifice your comfort for the sake of someone else’s eternity?

Looking for you in first service,


Saturday, August 14, 2010


On September 29th we will be releasing the brand new worship album with songs that I have written in response to the work God is doing here at Element Church. We are so excited to share these songs with the world. I believe in these songs heart and soul. I live them and breathe them. They are the heart beat of a movement here in Cheyenne, WY. My prayer is that these songs would penetrate the human heart and infuse you with a conviction to chase the dream God has placed inside of you, and to run this race as if everything is on the line, carrying our Cross, sharing the love of Jesus with a dying world, and when its all over we can say I made it til the end.

Here is where you come in. We would like to get your opinion on which design direction to go. Below you will find 3 options. Please fill out the form below with the option you like the best.

A - Black City

B - White City

C -Black Simple

D - White Simple

We are so pumped to put these songs into your hands. Thank you all elementer's who sing these songs with all your heart, and for letting me test songs on you guys.

Til The End,

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunday Afterthoughts May 23rd

If your afraid to take risks you just end up limiting yourself.

Yesterday we took a risk. I had this crazy idea to experiment with electronic music in worship. So we made our way down to The Bakery Studio in Colorado Springs, CO with my friend, producer/engineer, Brad Nyght who made it all magic. The entire worship set was built around a DJ running the tracks, Jeremiah adding tasteful additions with modulations on his guitar and me simply rocking the mic. This was my first time leading with out a guitar. Overall we felt really good about it. It was definently a stretch for us as a church. We have never really attempted anything like it before. Ill post 2 of the tracks here. I don't have copyright to post the other 2 but they were solid.

We also used an element of silence in our service. Completely awkward. Showing a video with text talking about hearing God in the silence. Sometimes we don't hear God because we make too much noise. Silence is a form of worship. Will you choose to be silent sometimes?

Pastor Jeff preached a very good and strong word on Expression in Worship. Click here for the rundown on his message.

Set List:
Breaking Free - Adam Cruz (arranged by Adam Cruz & Brad Nyght)
Glory To God - Steve Fee (arranged by Adam Cruz & Brad Nyght)
Til The End - Adam Cruz (arranged by Adam Cruz & Brad Nyght)
How He Loves - Kim Walker (arranged by Adam Cruz & Brad Nyght)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This Sunday

We are super pumped about this Sunday at element church. I wanted to give you a little taste and see for this Sunday. Don't miss it. I hope you enjoy.

pumped about Sunday,